NO EXIT New Music Ensemble

Cleveland, OH


No Exit was founded by composer Timothy Beyer with the intent of serving as an outlet for the commission and performance of contemporary avant-garde concert music. No Exit is committed to promoting the works of living composers, particularly the music of young and emerging artists who haven't yet had either the opportunities or exposure of their better-known counterparts. Our goal is to showcase exciting and important programming from composers around the world with a focus on presenting progressive music of composers in the Greater Cleveland area.

As part of this philosophy, No Exit will present two programs a year, performing each program at several venues. This, along with community outreach efforts, will help provide an environment in which listeners can hear the work of living artists, many of which work and reside in our community. Our student commissioning program highlights some of the best that our young composers have to offer and provides the listening public exposure to the voices of tomorrow.

While its core group consists of a piano quartet, at times No Exit will be supplemented by other musicians and/or electronics in order to present a wide range of programming. It is our hope to provide our audience with a challenging and rewarding experience, and to do so at venues and in communities around Northeast Ohio, always free and open to the public.

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