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Rainbow Lightning

Akron, OH


Rainbow Lightning is an artist collaborative from Ohio. Chelsea Blackerby and Erica Hoosic first met in 2008 and have been working and playing ever since. Their collective backgrounds include textiles, metals, ceramics, furniture making, upholstery, installation, painting, drawing performance and video. They are agents of materials, seeking precise alchemy. They are preservationists of familiarity and seek a behavioral basis in design aiming to define socially constructed space.

If the perceived environment is a container for the body, social spaces then begin to be just a collection of personal spaces—islands of individuality in a sea of communal living. Rainbow Lightning takes clues from the social constructs of public space and its effect on people to demonstrate the endless permutations and combinations of material, environment, memory and meaning.

The objective goal of their work is to arouse questions of personal identity through the summoning of nostalgia. Their installations become sweeping sermons to memory and loss.

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