The Committee of 500 Years of Dignity & Resistance

Cleveland , Ohio


The Committee of 500 Years of Dignity and Resistance is a Cleveland-based organization of Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals and organizations committed to enhancing and protecting the cultural human rights and heritage rights of Indigenous Peoples, especially those in Northeast Ohio. The Committee provides financial and technical assistance, advocacy and other supportive activities on behalf of the Indigenous community of Northeast Ohio. Through media events and various public forums, the Committee educates the public about individual and institutional racism against Indigenous peoples, and stereotyping in sports and the media against the Indigenous Peoples of this continent. We advocate for Indigenous cultures and heritage through education, activism, and grassroots organizing.

Artist Statement

The Committee of 500 Years of Resistance officially formed in 1992, in response to the celebration of the anniversary of the first voyage of Christopher Columbus. Since then, the Committee has served as a foundation for education, support, and public engagement in regard to Indigenous Rights. Our longest campaign has been to advocate for the change of the Cleveland Major League Baseball Team. With that mission accomplished, we can truly begin to Heal The Land.

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