Alice Kiderman


Russian born sculptor, Alice Kiderman, explores the concepts of feminine and masculine, relationships and experiences, through the timeless material of stone. Her figurative-abstract sculptures run the gamut of human emotion ? joy, pain, conflict, peace, devastation and rebirth.Initially trained as a linguist and educator, she gradually changed her career path and followed her passion for sculpture and stone carving. She has been featured in "Canton Museum of Art Offering Exhibits That Push Boundaries" (Akron Beacon Journal, Dorothy Shinn, art and architecture critic), "When Stone Speaks"(Art Watch, by Tom Wachunas ), "Sun Courier", "Art of the Day", "The Jewish News", "ART" (Art Review Today) magazine, as well as in" Art in America" through her affiliation with Aaron Gallery in Washington, D.C. Her sculptures have been acquired by The Putnam Sculpture Collection and Vacuum Systems International and numerous private collections throughout the country. Alice is a recipient of several awards in sculpture. In 2011 Alice Kiderman was selected to participate in Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy and most recently had a successful exhibit "Made in Stone: Human Journey Through Time" at the Canton Art Museum in Canton, Ohio.

"My life is a direct reflection of the roller-coaster of events in my life - both tragic and happy. The impacts of these emotions, dormant or suppressed for years, are the images and shapes seen in my work. They reflect the gradual awakening of the spirit

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