Andreas Haase

Dettmannsdorf, Germany


German artist, Andrea Haase, born in 1964, has also worked under the pseudonym "d'Anegada". She had brought back this name from a little Caribbean island where she had gone during one of her many travels. Starting in her childhood, Andrea developed a great interest for creative works, colors and structures. She studied interior architecture, which gave her a knowledge and interest of space, influences of color for this space and for the composition. She has published several artistic educational books in German, Italian and Spanish and had exhibited in Germany and several other countries around the world. Andrea Haase has travelled a lot and lived abroad for many years. The influences of her trips can be found in the compositions of her canvases.

Haase engages in "Relief Art", a particular artistic technique, that she has taught classes and wrote books about. Although "Relief Art" is one of her favourite ways to produce her pictoral artwork, she also likes mixing styles and techniques. Recently she has started working with photography and digital retouching. After 7 years of living and traveling abroad, predominately in Mediterranean, Andrea came back to live in Germany. She currently shares her workshop with Isabelle Zacher-Finet, her creative alter ego. Both of them completes their works in collectives and collabortaive projects with other artists.

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