Anna Viola Hallberg

Stockholm, Sweden


Anna Viola Hallberg is a lens based artist working with video, sound and photography often in the format of installations. Hallberg has a BA from Stockholm University with focus on Cinema and Curatorial Studies. In 2008 Hallberg graduated from the International Museum Studies Master program at University of Gothenburg (Degree of Master, two years), writing her thesis on contemporary art in museum exhibitions outside the paradigm of the art institution. Hallberg has worked both in experimental documentary film as well as in advertising in the US (New York) and Sweden.

In her practice she investigates issues of power relations, politics/poetics of visual representation and history writing. The group and group identity are central matters. The works are often presented in spatial installations interlocked with seminars or workshops. Hallberg has a special interest for civil liberties and issues of democracy. In an ongoing project she explores how it is been carried in public space especially the tension in between order and disorder. The two disciplines, Museum Studies and contemporary art are not to be regarded as separate entities rather as aspects of the public space being examined. From a museum studies perspective general issues of access and collecting are of interest as well as the transition between contemporary art and heritage concerns from both Cultural and Natural perspective. Highlighting conditions and criterias for contemporary art in such a context. Central to all work is the constructing of legacy via oral history and visual imagery into public memory.

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