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Bissane Al Charif, born in Paris 1977, graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Damascus University in 2001. Then studied Set Designing (Scenography) in the Department of Graduate Studies at the School of Architecture in Nantes and graduated in 2005.

She was lucky to be guided and trained by passionate and experienced professors in theatre, cinema, exhibitions, and museums designing and tried to use these different skills that She obtained from studying and work experiences in different art fields. This background enables her to be part of individual experiences such as designing exhibitions and artistic installation and with collective artists as a theatre designer.

In 2005 Bissane went back to Syria to start working at Damascus Opera House as a scenographer. at the same time, she created Scenography designs for big events and theatre Shows in Damascus and worked as well as a set decoration in many cinema movies.

The different culture sources for to be born in France to Palestinian parents and growing up in Syria, enriched her artistic view and gave her unique artistic vision a clear appearance in her working style, which gave her the opportunity to work in the Middle East and Europe.

Since 2013, she lives in France and works as an independent scenographer and artist. And currently working on
artistic installation, called Memoire (S) des Femmes, "Women memories ", trying to develop her skills in the field of art-media.

In 2016, she was awarded in France: The medal of knight, the order of arts and letters after her installation "Women Memories".

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