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Carlos Navarrete

Santiago, Chile

Cenovio Navarrete is an artist from a small village on the Pacific coast of Mexico; Lagunillas, National Pinotepa, Oaxaca. He is the only one of his large family to have chosen the colorful path of the artist. At age fourteen, Cenovio began to experiment with paintbrushes and appreciate the beauty of colors. Reverend Glyn Jemmott Jamison, a priest from El Ciruelo, Oaxaca, provided Cenovio his initial instruction. He also received instruction from Mario Guzman Olivares, an artist from Oaxaca. Cenovio's desire to attend art school was limited by economic hardships and the perception that the study of art was a luxury that poor people could not afford. Moreover, he was ridiculed for his way of thinking, dreams of becoming an artist, and unique perception of the world.

Cenovio came to the United States in 2000 seeking relief from a long history socio-economic hardship. Painting was merely a hobby at that time. He only fantasized about the possibility of exhibiting his work someday. Cenovio's dream of being recognized as an exciting young artist on the Phoenix art scene has become a reality thanks to his persistence and the encouragement of friends and acquaintances.

Cenovio's inspiration is derived from the sights, sounds, smells, and traditions of his Afro-Zapotec roots. His abstract-expressionist style is vibrant and provides intriguing insights into his history, inner-self, and unique perception of the world.

"Cenovio's work is dynamic, expressive, spectacular... among the best I have ever seen in my many years as art professor, artist and cultural arts director here and in many parts of the world."

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