Charles Mintz

Cleveland, OH


Charles Mintz considers photography his third career, a career that has moved into intensely personal arenas, allowing him to not only mine his life for visual exploration, but consider his world with thoughtful analysis. Most of his work is done on film. His proccess includes printing the monochrome in a traditional darkroom, then color scanned and printed on inkjet printers. Althoug he does not print color in a darkroom, the experience of color and contrast management has strongly influenced how he prints digitally. Throuhgout his career Mintz has transitioned to more personal and less traditional in form and method. These methods can be seen in his photographic series The Album Project, Precious Objects, and Costumes.

Chuck studied photography at Maine Photographic Workshop, Parsons School of Design, International Center for Photography, and Lakeland Community College and Cuyahoga Community College. He has both bachelors and master of science degrees in electrical engineering and has studied Japanese. He is a director of ICA, Art Conservation in Cleveland, OH and the Cleveland Museum of Art, Friends of Photography and is a Life Director at Jewish Family Services of Cleveland. He is also a lifetime member of IEEE, a professional association for the advancement of technology. Since 2011 Mintz has exhibited throughout the Midwest at venues such as Parkersburg Art Center, Parkersburg, WV; Public Gallery, Louisville, KY; Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis IN; Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH; Zanesville Museum of Art, Zanesville, OH; The Argus Museum, Ann Arbor, MI; 1point618 Gallery, Cleveland, OH; and FAVA Gallery, Oberlin, OH; among others. As well as a solo exhibitions at City Hall and Charleston Heights Art Center in Las Vegas, NV.

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