Chris Seibert

Chris is a writer, director, visual artist and performer who creates original works in collaboration with professional and community artists. Chris was named a 2019 Gordon Square Artist-in-Residence and is serving as director in the development of The Poetry Psychic Show, a work by fellow Gordon Square Artist-in-Residence, Denis Michael Griesmer. 2018 projects included appearing in Sweat at Cleveland Play House; developing the solo performance Fa(r)ther with director Ivana Bevacqua in collaboration with The Center for Arts-Inspired Learning; and co-creating/touring the dance theatre duet Reckoning with choreographer Kora Radella. Chris is the co-creator of the plays F*** Me Love Me Aphrodite, Ancestra, Insomnia, and the multi-media solo performance Cut to Pieces. Chris’ work has garnered her recognition and support from the Ohio Arts Council, Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project (LA), Chicago C.A.A.P., and DirectorsLabChicago. Chris was a recipient of the 2010 Creative Workforce Fellowship as well as a SPACES Urgent Art Fund and Satellite Fund recipient.

Chris is currently developing the interactive street performance Love's Lost Raree Box, an enticing invitation from the Raree Box Madame in this portable ‘pop-up’ performance. Inside the box, beautiful hand-drawings and carefully lit paper cut-outs reveal an intimate personal landscape. Inspired by centuries-old traveling showmen and their rarity (‘raree’) boxes, solo artist Chris Seibert infuses neighborhood settings with mystery and wonder, seducing willing audience members to view and share stories of love and loss, magic and origins. “Step right up and peep inside this wondrous box!”

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