Elaine Hullihen

Cleveland, OH


A 2007 graduate from Kent State University, Elaine Hullihen draws from her studies of sculpture and scenic painting for theater to create work that utilizes both performance and structural elements. The artist manipulates familiar objects and materials and then presents them outside of their normal function to demonstrate shifts in meaning through altered contexts.

Elaine began practicing yoga in the early 2000's and completed the 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training with Brahmrishi Yoga in 2011. She embraces the nurturing and contemplative nature of Brahmrishi Yoga and hopes to inspire students to find an exciting curiosity in the yogic path of self-discovery and wholeness. Since 2014 she has been studying trauma-informed yoga and has been working Fostering Hope, to introduce yoga to children and teens in residential treatment settings. This study has informed all of her teachings in that it reminds her to remain gentle and settle into a place of listening before response.

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