Erika Neola

New York City, OH


"As a photographer I am interested in public and private spaces and
what they say about the people who inhabit or utilize them. I do not
limit myself by going out to make photographs with a plan, but rather,
I choose to respond instinctively to my surroundings...Beyond my
compulsive need to record, I hope to encourage the viewer to recognize
similar moments in his or her own life that are seemingly ordinary but
are, in fact, extraordinary."

Erika Neola earned her BFA in Photography from The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH. She has shown at Homestead Gallery, Brooklyn; The Meet Waradise Exhibition Space, New York City; Humble Arts Foundation Online Gallery; AJ Roccos, Cleveland, OH; and Solon Center for the Arts, Solon, OH, among others.

For the Big Bang catalogue, the artist writes, "I photograph the everyday elements in life that are often overlooked and under-appreciated, thus consciously bridging the gap between 'art' and 'real life.'"

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