Greg Little

Oakland Park, FL


Gregory Little, born in 1956, grew up painting the landscapes, people, and gardens around him in rural Northern Alabama. Largely self-taught, he has developed his natural abilities through the use of intuition and personal observation. Gregory has been a resident of Oakland Park, Florida since 1992. After a career in the decorative arts- painting murals and building furniture, Gregory turned his attention to painting full time in 2001.

Little is an artist and theorist internationally recognized for his work in interactive virtual environments, in the cultural and philosophical implications of intersections of art and science, and with constructed, networked subjectivities. His project An Avatar Manifesto (1991-1999) has been exhibited in a number of international venues and presented at numerous international conferences, publications, and on line-forums. Little's ongoing interactive virtual environment, A Body w/o Organs (1999-present) has spawned many iterations; including residencies, installations, prints, essays and scholarly research presentations. His current research interests include investigations into the concept of synnoetics, animated computational 3d visualizations, and rapid prototyping. His work has been exhibited in Europe and the United States, and his research presented at international conferences in numerous locations, including in Banff, Bilbao, London, New York, Paris, San Paulo, and Tucson. His theoretical essays have been published in Intertexts, Intelligent Agent, and Technoetic Arts.

Little earned his MFA in Painting from the Yale School of Art and Architecture and his BFA in Painting from Indiana University School of Art. He has shown at Weston Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH; The Graphics and Visualization Center, Brown University, Providence RI; Riffe Gallery, Ohio Arts Council, Columbus, Ohio; The International Digital Media and Arts Association (iDMAa), Orlando; and Stubneitz Gallery, Adrian College, Michigan; and more.

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