Iwona Zajac

Gdansk, Poland and London, UK

From https://www.iwona-zajac.com/
"My work is simple and naive. I seek my inspiration in nature and people or objects surrounding me. I am fascinated with the study of human body and his mimics, gestures and proportions. My works also present the absence of things. People need to live in harmony with each other and with nature. I am preoccupied with presenting the details of such relationship: emotions, colours and shapes. I seek the inspiration for my works in all historical periods, although, I am especially interested in the Middle Ages. A straight line and intensive colours are the elements which I adapt into my works. Although I do not avoid using modern tools, such as video and computer graphics, I develop my own style of oil painting on basis of old techniques. Besides oil painting I also create graphic art, where I deliberately avoid colours, using only black and white or grey. Etching and aquatint is for me the world of a picture, plays with light and shadow."

Iwona Zajc's art practice explores issues of feminism and social concern. Formally trained in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, she began creating murals in 2000. One of her most well-known projects involved a series of stencils on the outer walls of the Shipyards in Gdansk, where the Solidarity movement started. The mural contained stories about the life and work of the shipyard workers.
In 2008, Zajc received a grant from the Polish Ministry of Culture for a project about Polish immigration to London, where she lives part-time.

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