Jennifer Hayashida

Brooklyn, NY


Jennifer Hayashida, born in Oakland, California in the early 70s, spent the first seventeen years of her life living in the suburbs of both Stockholm and San Francisco. She grew up bilingual and bicultural and says that she is "home" no matter where she is. She received her undergraduate education through the University of California campuses at Davis and Berkeley. Hayashida moved to New York in the fall of 1999. She worked at MoMA, index Magazine, and doing various odd jobs to put herself through graduate school at Bard College. Since completing her graduate degree, she has made a living and a life as an educator at various public universities, including UC Davis, Montclair State University, and now at Hunter College, The City University of New York, where she is Acting Director of their Asian American Studies Program.

Hayashida's practice continues to center upon dislocation, translation, intertextuality, and memory. She recently completed a manuscript of poems, entitled A Machine Wrote This Song, and is at work with a long essay entitled "The Autonomic System." In addition, she is restarting my "Projections" project, looking at maps, the law, and the language of forgetting.

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