Jerzy Goliszewski

Berlin, Germany


Jerzy Goliszewski was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1981. He studied graphics and painting at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, where he recieved his Master of Arts in 2008. His work consists of installations, paintings, drawings, graphics, and ceramic objects that he realizes into site-specific projects. Goliszewski is most interested in complicated and complex structures and he strives to use simple and natural materials. Currently, he lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Goliszewski has exhibited at various galleries in Warsaw, Poland, as well as at the Bailly Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland; SPACES, Cleveland, OH; and Weissfaktor, Berlin, Germany. One of his more recent site-specifc works was installed in an undergroud corridor in Japan, as part of his residency with the Sapporo Artist in Residence (S-AIR) program in 2013. Goliszewski has also participated in many group exhibitions in Poland and internationally. He has held three residencies. These include the S-AIR residency, Sapporo, Japan, the Springhouse residency, Dresden, Germany, and SPACES World Artists Program (SWAP), Cleveland, OH; which was made possible by his receiving of the CEC ArtsLink Awards, New York, NY. Goliszewski was awarded with the Ministry of Culture - Young Poland scholarship in 2014.

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