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Kainaz Amaria

Washington, DC

Kainaz Amaria is a Mumbai-based visual journalist and. She holds a BA in international relations and political science from Boston University and an MA in photography from the School of Visual Communication, Ohio University and is a member of Ohio University School of Art Critical Regionalism Initiative

She has completed photographic and political internships at the St. Petersburg Times in St. Petersburg, Fla., US News & World Report in Washington, DC, the Journal Star in Lincoln, Neb., at the House of Commons in London, England and at Senator Edward M. Kennedy's office in Boston, Mass.

Her images and multimedia have been recognized by contests including CPOY, Women in Photojournalism, Atlanta Photojournalism Conference, the National Press Photographers' Contest and the South Asian Journalist Association. She was named a Chips Quinn Scholar in 2007 and was a graduate teaching assistant at Ohio University.

In 2010 she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to Mumbai, India. Kainaz joined the multimedia team at National Public Radio (NPR) in December 2011, and is currently based in Washington, DC.

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