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Katie Daley

Cleveland, OH


Katey Daley is a poet, performer and teacher, who has traveled the road countless times to bring her word-music to theaters, schoolrooms and nightclubs. Since 1999, she has been raising a ruckus of goose bumps and exclamations on the performance poetry circuit across the US and Canada. She is a seasoned veteran of four National Poetry Slams, and in 2004, she won third place in the World Competition of the Canadian Wordlympics in Ottawa. Since the summer of 2001, Katie and her inner quintet of characters have been hitting the road on a regular basis to bring Full Blast Alive: Voices from the Ruby Side, her one-woman show of poetic monologues, to various venues around the USA and Canada. Katie's work has been published in various journals and anthologies, including Seneca Review, Puckerbrush Review, Pudding Magazine, Art Crimes, Take Back the Mic, and Freedom to Speak: National Poetry Slam 2002. She has produced Full Blast Alive: Voices from the Ruby Side, a CD of her show, as well as three chapbooks: Red Hot Mangoes and Voodoo Juice (2000), Coyote at the Wheel (2003) and Venus and the Hitchhikers (2007).

In 2003, Katie received an Individual Artists Fellowship from the Ohio Arts Council, and in 2004, she was the Summer Fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts. She is also the recipient of a 2006 Individual Creativity Excellence Award from the Ohio Arts Council. Of all the occupations in the cosmos, she's chosen to be a poet because it's the one that makes her feel the most present and alive. It's her hope that the poems she writes make that feeling as contagious as possible.

Drawing from several years of teaching experience at writers' festivals, colleges, and secondary and elementary schools, Daley offers dynamic writing workshops for beginners and pros alike. A devotee of playfulness, she also offers workshops that are especially designed for those who don't consider themselves writers but who want to try a hand at exploring the world and their lives with their pens. She is available for one-hour and one-day workshops as well as weeklong residencies in the schools. As a creative writing teacher, Daley specializes in de-mystifying the creative process and helping writers tune into the wilder side of their imaginations. She also coaches poets on spoken word performance and is dedicated to spreading the word through the voice as well as the pen. As a teacher of essay and business writing, Daley offers playful and easy techniques for breaking through writer's block, grabbing readers' attention, designing a compelling and entertaining argument, and smoothing out the glitches in grammar and style. And as a seasoned word tinkerer, Daley offers services for a wide spectrum of writing needs. Highly skilled in the art of quick persuasion, she specializes in creating business, website and promotional content. In the realm of non-fiction and memoir, her sensitivity to voice makes her an excellent ghostwriter. And because she is an unusually good listener and a quick study, she is adept at making scientific and technical documents understandable -- and even pleasurable -- for lay readers.

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