Kelly Urquhart

Kent, OH


For Kelly Urquhart and Jaime Kennedy, a tug-of-war between natural systems and human attempts to impose order is integral to their work, in this case a series of composite prints on watercolor paper with ink drawing. Building images of the natural and the constructedusing both manual and technological mediathey seamlessly assemble imagery in disparate media digitally, printing the result on fine art watercolor paper.

"In this latest series of collaborative images, we are investigating the dichotomy that exists between the natural systems that function within the world against the human systems, which attempt to modify, control, and improve upon these natural systems of order. The images investigate the underlying factors behind these conflicts, question the Western idea of progress, and examine the cause and effect relationships that these systems have upon one another. The images are influenced from anthropological writings, the history of technology and science, religious texts, philosophy, and direct observations. The work is created from varying mediums including: hand crafted charcoal and ink drawings, gouache painting, sculpture, digital film, and photographic reference."

Kelly Urquhart received her MFA in Painting from Miami University and BA in Painting from Cleveland State University. She has shown at Miami University Art Museum, Oxford, OH; Eagles Art Gallery, Murray State University, Murray, KY; The Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, VA; Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH; Primo Piano Living Gallery, Lecce, Italy; and more. Her husband and artistic partner is Jaime Kennedy.

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