Laila Voss

Cleveland, OH


Laila Voss is best known for multi-media installation, objects, and images that are inspired by the urban environment, the creative cycle and the interior landscape of the human psyche. Voss has been the recipient of grant and residency awards such as the Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence, Cleveland Neighborhood Summit Volunteer of the Year Award, and the FCCA Prague, Czech Republic. Previous exhibitions include Can Triennial 18, Locus of Transition (ARTNeo), Process+Material (Hedge Gallery), (Just Another Part of) Inside My Head: Laila Voss, Realized and Unrealized Projects (William Busta Gallery). She has completed a number of public art projects in the Cleveland area, curated exhibitions, directed galleries, has taught at numerous NEO educational institutions, and served on a non-profit board. Since 2016 Laila Voss has been Executive Director at Art House, Inc. She received her BFA from Ohio University and her MFA from Kent State University.



Laila Voss, My Year without a Studio (2017 - 2018)


Laila Voss, My Year without a Studio #9 (2018)


Laila Voss, My Year without a Studio #12 (2018)

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