Lorri Ott

Northeast Ohio


Lorri Ott experiments with both material and process. Her recent wall works are built with multiple pours of pigmented resin, canvas, muslin and paint. Abstract and gestural, Otts works evoke the sensual surfaces of paintings (an allusion abetted by the canvas and muslin) even as they assert their artificial nature.

"Experimental in material and process, my work is informed by the language of painting, the history of abstraction, chemistry, color, landscape and grid. Favoring the fluidity of pigmented liquid plastic I construct physical objects that function optically as well as sculpturally, engaging both vision and touch. Using color and surface texture to differentiate the parts or elements, I combine and assemble juxtaposing materials and forms (hard/soft, organic/geometric, opaque/translucent) to further abstract the pictorial qualities of the works.
"My recent work is more ambitious and polychromatic. These pieces require multiple pours of pigmented resin. Within my studio practice the cumulative activity of mixing and pouring liquid plastic establishes time and place: Each piece is a visual moment where material and process are tested and challenged. Color consideration is based upon my response to landscape (real, imaginary and emotional): I seek to reinvent a model of my experience using color, material and form. Installing these pieces directly on the wall allows the work to be open-ended in process and presentation."

Lorri Ott received her MFA in Painting from Kent State University and a BFA in Painting from University of North Carolina. She has shown at William Busta Gallery, Cleveland; Rockford Art Museum, Rockford, IL; Zygote Press, Cleveland; AG Gallery, Brooklyn; and Flux Factory, Long Island City, NY, among others.

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