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Lyz Bly

Cleveland , OH

Bly has a Ph.D. in History from Case Western Reserve University. Her research is centered on gender, race, sexuality, and popular culture in the post-World War II US. She is co-editor of Make Your Own History: Documenting Feminist Activism in the 21st Century (Litwin Books, 2011) and co-writer of A History of Popular Culture: More of everything, faster and brighter (Routledge, 2012). Her first monograph, Gender and Generation X: Riot Grrrls, Queers, Gangstas, and Slackers, is due to be published in early 2015 by the University of Georgia Press. She teaches American and World History and the History of American Women in the 20th Century in the Upper School at Laurel and is an adjunct professor of Women's Studies at Cleveland State University. In her spare time she works at Guide to Kulchur with her spouse and best friend, Ra Washington, and teaches yoga at The Studio Cleveland on West 10th Street on the east bank of the Flats.

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