Matthew Gallagher


Matthew Gallagher’s work sits both decidedly within and defiantly outside art historical context, displaying critical knowledge of and homage to his artistic antecedents while staking new paths in every direction. His work deals in contemporary and timeless inquiry, asking questions about perception, the universe, and forces we cannot see, alongside sharp interrogation of the art world, how art is consumed, and what it means to be an artist in the 21st century. Gallagher's multidisciplinary work extends beyond various mediums and formats; it is entangled in his life, community practices, and care for his pet geckos. Gallagher works not only with paint, resin and inks, but also with people, supporting boundary-pushing experimental performance and sound artists at his studio and living space, R & D, which offers residencies and performance opportunities to local, national and international artists.



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