Megan Young


Megan Young’s practice combines embodied protest, intentional rule breaking, and collective listening as a means to transcend the tautological fallacy of freedom in the United States today. Often moving between disciplines, her dissection and reassembly of algorithmic operations follows an open source/open access ethos as a means to disrupt unjust power structures. Her grassroots actions challenging the Cleveland Police Department’s militarization during the 2016 RNC became a multi-year framework for civic engagement continuing through project coordination of A Color Removed with SPACES for the FRONT International Triennial.

Young’s work has been featured in Hyperallergic, The Atlantic, and on National Public Radio. Credits include new commissions for the International Symposium of Electronic Arts, Ammerman Center for Arts & Technology, Open Engagement, and Art Souterrain. Young has been supported through residencies with SloMoCo, Counterpulse, National Center for Choreography in Akron, and Chicago Cultural Center. Recognition includes two Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Awards, a Chicago DanceMakers Forum Greenhouse Grant, and Joy of Voting Grant from Citizen University. Young holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art & Media from Columbia College Chicago; BFA in Dance Composition from Ohio University.



Megan Young, Cloud of Whiteness (2017), Photo by Darice Polo


Megan Young, And Me In My Place: Hyfa (2014), Photo by Mike Patten Courtesy of Art Souterrain

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