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Paul Druecke

Milwaukee, WI


Paul Druecke lives in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Paul Drueck's work was in the 2014 Whitney Biennial. A co-authored discussion of his work is in Blackwell and Wiley's Anthology, Companion to Public Art (2016).

Druecke's influential “Social Event Archive” (1997-2007) was exhibited at Milwaukee Art Museum in 2017. The project foreshadowed social media’s now-familiar blurring of personal and public history. Andrew Goldstein, writing on Artspace.com, says, “A Social Event Archive is viewed as having prefigured social sites like Instagram by inviting people to give him personal snapshots that he then displayed.” David Robbins writes, “... Paul Druecke is fascinated by the collective mind. The platform he’s invented employs both pictorial and structural means to present it.”

Druecke's site-specific sculptures have been commissioned by Marlborough Contemporary—“96th Street Aperture” (NYC 2014); Lynden Sculpture Garden—“Garden Path” (Milwaukee 2014); The Suburban—“Angelique Roy's Passage” in conjunction with the Terrain Biennial (Milwaukee 2015); and Sculpture Milwaukee—“Shoreline Repast” (Milwaukee 2017). Since 2018 Druecke has directed and produced Milwaukee Kitchen in collaboration with poets, artists and neighbors near and far. The made-for-youtube cooking program is described by Matt Wild for Milwaukee Record as, “the antidote for modern cooking shows (and everything else).”

I am interested in stories told by landmarks that exist beyond what is inscribed in bronze. These stories include, who had (and has) the wherewithal to make their imprint public? And what limits are in place regarding the content of commemoration?

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