Rian Kerrane

Denver, CO


Born in Galway, Ireland in 1968 Rian Kerrane received her BA in Fine Arts Degree from the University of Ulster at Belfast in 1991, her MFA from the University of New Orleans in 1997 and is currently Associate Professor and Area Head for the Sculpture Program at the University of Colorado Denver.

A noted sculptor in cast iron, mixed media and installation, Rian has shown in sculpture gardens, museums and galleries in the United States, Ireland, Italy, Austria, and Mexico.

The Traditional Cast Object as Subjective Conceptual Metaphor was presented at the College Art Association Conference in Los Angeles in 2009. She is a board member for the Western Cast Iron Art Alliance, an eclectic group of iron artists that stages biennial iron conferences across the western regions of the United States. Rian is a contributor to the conference steering committee for the 7th International Conference in Contemporary Cast Iron Art in Latvia in 2014 as well as the director for pre-conference workshops.

She was a resident at Flax Art Studio's International Residency Programme in Belfast in 2002 and Clo Ceardlann, Donegal in 2011. She is a resident artist for the Franconia Sculpture Park Annual Iron Pour this summer in Minnesota. She returns to Ireland each summer, often to the Burren College of Art, where she runs an interdisciplinary, site-specific art course. Rian is the Keynote and a workshop facilitator for IRON-R2 hosted by Crawford College of Art & Design in conjunction with the National Sculpture Factory in Cork, Ireland in April 2014.

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