Robyn Voshardt

New York City


"Our work explores states of being and patterns of thinking - from anxiety and restlessness to motivation and control - on personal, social, and institutional levels. Our practice extends an open invitation to chance and necessitates constant reinvention, reordering and interpretation rather than comfortably relying on a particular style or theme to fulfill a projected photographic outcome. Our process of seeing is a messy business of manipulating images while keeping a mindful eye on multiple interests - a visual mash-up like life.
"We remain fundamentally concerned with cognitive processes, and the dilemma of holding two opposing viewpoints in one's mind simultaneously. Our motivation is to make people pause for a contradictory experience: intimately inside ones head yet a universal thought, requiring patience yet timeless, about that moment but lingering in an afterimage."

Robyn Voshardt received her MA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.

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