Timonthy Herron

Timothy Herron studied at Cooper School of Art and The Cleveland Institute of Art. His works include plein air paintings of urban areas and figurative art drawn from life. He has shown in numerous locations around Cleveland including Doubting Thomas, Jean Brandt Gallery, Fat Cats, Fiddlehead Gallery, Ty Fun restaurant, Grumpy’s restaurant, Bay Arts, and Macs Backs. In 2012 his work “K-3” was accepted into the Youngstown Butler Show. In 1988 he curated a 8’ x 4’ show at Cleveland State University with Ron Naso. For over fifteen years he has run the Pretentious Cleveland Portrait Artists which combines the artists’ need for practise with public engagement through live drawing sessions. They have been able to successfully convert to an online platform in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.



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