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V. Robin Grice

Ann Arbor, MI

V. Robin Grice collaborated with Nicole Marroquin in Bi-Lingual. They write of their process:
"This collaborative installation is a part of an ongoing conversation between two artists about the multi-dimensional realities and requirements of being women of color in contemporary American society. Through the figure and various constructed objects, we're attempting to locate the everyday realities of patriarchy, racism, and class bias, and to connect these systems of oppression to our particular stories of girlhood, family relationships, and work life. While we tell very different stories, our goal is to explore what it means to be marginalized within the rubric of post-modernity as well as to imagine and acknowledge the possibilities for true diversity."

Grice graduated from the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She currently works at the University of Michigan where manages GalleryDAAS (G648 Haven Hall) as well as the Living Poets Series in connection with the Lemuel Johnson Center, the department's arts and community center. She also provides content management for the DAAS website and coordinates the department's various grants and fellowships programs.

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