Valentina Vella

Rotterdam, NL


Valentina Vella is an interdisciplinary artist, performer, and poet born in Rome, Italy. She holds an MA in English literature from Roma Tre University and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Media from Columbia College Chicago. She was the recipient of a CAA Fellowship in 2014. She has performed at La Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna in Rome, Links Hall and MCA Chicago. In 2014 she made A Ride West, an experimental film that explores the violent American myths of conquest and self-reliance through a Jungian lens. She is currently working on NetherWorld, an often grim and sometimes danceable sound album about neoliberalism, chronic disease and the institutional pathologizing of normal emotional responses to the social and ecological crises we are facing. Her research as an art organizer revolves around the idea of practicing art as a commons. She lives in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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