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Veronique d’Entremont

Veronique d’Entremont is a multi-disciplinary artist who examines the social and institutional spaces we inhabit, how they shape us and how we can ultimately transform them. Through entwined studio, pedagogical and spiritual practices, Veronique displays a commitment to collaboration, community organizing and to art as a medium for building empathy and healing from experiences of trauma. Veronique’s previous collaborations with community organizations led her to create the album What’s Working is Broken, a soundscape composed of field recordings and intimate conversations recorded in 2014, with Youth Justice Coalition members who were organizing against police and community violence in their neighborhoods. She was a founding member of the Liberated Arts Collective, a community-engaged project led by individuals impacted by incarceration and institutionalization.

Veronique’s work has received grants from the Joan Mitchell Foundation, The Ford Foundation, The Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and The California Arts Council. She has been a visiting artist at a variety of institutions, including UCLA, CalArts, Chuco’s Justice Center in South Los Angeles and at California Rehabilitation Center, a prison in Norco, CA.



Veronique d'Entremont, Storage Container For The Worlds (2017)

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