June 16, 2017

Kid Art Review #9

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For this edition of "Kid Art Review" our guest reviewer is 10 year old Jack, who loves video games, music, drawing, and Cryptozoology. Jack reviewed our current artist projects one afternoon.

(SPACES) What is your favorite piece in the show and why is it your favorite?

(Jack) "The hair" because it's pastry and probably tastes good.

(SP) If you could eat this piece what would it taste like? Would it be spicy, tart, sweet, salty, bland, etc.?

(Ja) Well it's a pastry, so sweet, but it probably tastes moldy but that's not an option.

(SP) If this piece was a person you didn't know would you want to say "hi" to them or get to know them? Would they be friendly or shy?

(Ja) Shy, because that's what I would be, but also maybe they would be shy because I would eat them. Pastries will probably never turn into humans so I guess we will never know.

(SP) Does this piece remind you of anything you have seen before?

(Ja) A certain wig. It's in the White House, that's all I'll say.

Questions about the Exhibition in General

(SP) If you could sum the show up in one word what would that word be?

(Ja) Cool. Because it was fun and cool. I liked the snow, that's what they use in tv shows. I thought they used fake snow that you can buy in bags, the shredded foam with the glitter in it, I think it's foam at least.

(SP) Does this show make you want to do anything? Go ride a bike, take a nap, throw rocks, have a sandwich, draw, watch tv, play, etc.

(Ja) It makes me want to eat. Because there is a pastry. I also didn't have breakfast today because we were in a rush.

(SP) If there was one thing you would say to the artist what would that be?

(Ja) Just hi.

(SP) If there was one question you could ask the artist what would that be?

(Ja) How are you? Because that's a question and it goes with my statement.

(SP) Out of 5 Truman's how many Truman's would you give this show?

(Ja) Well at first I didn't want to go because my mom just signs me up for stuff, but I gave it a three and a half because three and a half, I don't know that's just my answer. Three and a half.

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