January 25, 2019

FROM INSIDE: Crossing the Water


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SPACES' 70th Artist-in-Residence, Johnny Coleman, creates immersive spaces with sculpture and sound. Today we get a glimps into the original soundscape for his current exhibition, Crossing the Water: A Requiem for Lee Howard Dobbins.

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What's Included?

Lake Erie recorded at Sheldon Marsh State Park on a day with almost no traffic

Wild geese recorded at Ottawa Wildlife Refuge. This site has miles of undisturbed wetlands and wildlife.

The Ohio River recorded at Red Oak Creek near Ripley, Ohio.

A vocal lullaby recorded in Oberlin with actress Debra Rose.

And, finally, one creaking wooden chair.

These sounds and their locations of origin were important because of their proximity to the landscapes that the Dobbins family traversed. The sound is intended as an immersive reflection upon those spaces.

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Johnny Coleman

Johnny Coleman is a sculptor/installation artist and Associate Professor of Art and African American Studies at Oberlin College. He is from Southern California, and received his BFA from the Otis Art Institute of the Parsons School of Design, and his MFA from the University of California at San Diego. He... go to artist page

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