May 13, 2020

Welcome Adam & Mallorie! Congrats Cierra

Please join us in welcoming SPACES newest staffers, Adam Zimmerman and Mallorie Freeman! These two will run our residency & exhibition program and support the organization in numerous ways throughout the year. Learn more about Adam & Mallorie below. SPACES is also delighted to congratulate Cierra, our Artist Outreach Coordinator, on her completion of a post-bachelor's program at Cleveland Institute of Art courtesy of her alma mater, Cleveland State University. Go TEAM!

Adam Zimmerman, SPACES Project Coordinator writes:

My family is huge with 13 aunts and uncles and 28 cousins. There was always tons of attention and way too much cake! I was born down the street from what is now the Waterloo arts district and grew up in the city of homes, Garfield Heights. In school I struggled due to boredom and over crowded classrooms, but in art and drafting classes I shined. After taking a wide variety of classes and nearly every art class offered by Tri-C I decided to go to CIA where I earned my BFA. A furniture maker since the age of 13 and a tinkerer I was taught that I could do anything, unfortunately I took that as I could do everything. This led me to a lot of interesting people and a plethora of different jobs. One of those jobs being at SPACES. I've been associated with the organization for over 10 years and I think of SPACES like a limb grafted onto my family tree, it's not natural but it works.

Mallorie Freeman, SPACES Project Coordinator writes:

Mallorie Freeman is an interdisciplinary artist, living and working in Cleveland, Ohio. Using brightly colored, hand-cast candies and chocolates, Mallorie creates sweet-smelling, public art installations in abandoned homes. Intended to break down over time, the sugary facade on the walls and surfaces cracks, distorts, and fades in the summer heat. Blending her training in art preservation, cosmetology, and calligraphy, Mallorie also creates mono-prints, and mixed-media textile works reflective of Victorian Memento Mori objects to honor ancestors and loved-ones. Mallorie attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and The Cleveland Institute of Art, however, is mostly self taught. She has participated in a number of regional and national exhibitions and residencies.

Mallorie has over 15 years of experience working in the Arts, with a background in installation, art handling, conservation, and production management. She has been employed at The Progressive Art Collection, The Bonfoey Gallery, and worked as a Project Consultant for the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland Public Library, and the Cleveland Clinic Art Program.

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