May 18, 2020

IN RESPONSE: Zulfikar on Cyanotypes as a Portal


IN RESPONSE:  Zulfikar on Cyanotypes as a Portal
IN RESPONSE:  Zulfikar on Cyanotypes as a Portal
IN RESPONSE:  Zulfikar on Cyanotypes as a Portal
IN RESPONSE:  Zulfikar on Cyanotypes as a Portal
IN RESPONSE:  Zulfikar on Cyanotypes as a Portal
IN RESPONSE:  Zulfikar on Cyanotypes as a Portal

BAPTIZED IN THE FIRES OF THE CUYAHOGA RIVER, by SPACES' artist-in-residence, Veronique d'Entremont (Los Angeles, CA) explores the visible and invisible forces at work in the formation of Cleveland's unique rustbelt structures. The large textile pieces prominently displayed in the back gallery were developed through processes used in creating grave rubbings and cyanotype prints, respectively.

Artist Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (SanFrancisco, CA) shares reflections on the cyanotype medium, possibilities, and influence on his current practice. Join SPACES for a casual, live event of these considerations on Friday, May 22nd at 3PM (EST) via Instagram Live (@SPACEScle).

Translation is useless

by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Do you remember when we were isolated from our friends to the north, south, east and west?

We made a compass and centered ourselves, we held fire in our left hand, wind in our right,

We stood on earth and water and we suddenly noticed how vulnerable we were.

Do you remember when all we could do was stare out the window?

Whether we knew it or not we locked eyes with the 11 stars that led Joseph out of solitude,

Sirius the dog star looked down at us and suddenly we were part of something bigger.

Do you remember when we felt the seven planets from head to toe, from Saturday to Friday?

And in multiplying them by the four elements of our limbs we saw the 28 stations of the moon

In our fingertips, our toes, our earlobes, our pupils, our nostrils, our top and bottom lips.

Do you remember when we thought we were each small planets in danger of overheating,

Cursed to endure the suffering of the earth we drained,

But in isolation we found a universe in each of us.

Close your eyes.

Did you dream of the celestial body shrouded in scripture?

Did you make love to the divinely revealed alphabet?

How many times did you moan?

Open your eye,

The third one, above the other two.

Binary symmetry of the body as male and female gaze at one other,

Left and right, invert to the right and left and in the middle lay multiple possibilities.

The four walls of your cell

1, 2, 3, 4 ۱، ۲، ۳، ۴

ا، ب، ج، د A, B, C, D

Translation is useless

Buddha’s toes contain the cosmos,

Krishna’s mouth holds the universe,

Heaven lies under the feet of your mother,

Hell is not meeting the lips of your lover.

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