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Strut your stuff at SPACES Gallery. You know, gangster style. Snazzy three piece suits, fedoras, slinky dresses, shiny chains and sparkling diamonds. Roll up in your old school black Cadillac or your new pimped out Escalade! We ain't calln' it ""BADA BLING"" for nothin'.

Dis thing's gonna be HUGE!
Dance the night away and get down with DJ Go and DJ Impure! Fancy eats, smooth drinks. Music and dancin'. Plus an auction, where ya can bid on all kindsa classy artwork: paintings, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry and more, from over 100 high-falutin' regional artists!
The auction features over 100 artists! Here's a few:
Anna Arnold
Kristen Baumlier
Catherine Butler
Amy Casey
Kristen Cliffel
Martha Cliffel
Diane Davis-Sikora
Christa Donner
Mark Howard
Nina Huryn
George Kocar
Indra Lacis
Jason Lee
Rita Montlack
Susan Umbenhour
Laila Voss
Royden Watson

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