October 17, 20136:00pm - 8:00pm

Lecture: Yuka Oyama and Axel Ruoff

SWAP artists present their work to give context for their project

Lecture: Yuka Oyama and Axel Ruoff


Yuka Oyama And Axel Ruoff, will present their past work as a way to give context to their Cleveland Project, where they ask questions about personal identity with objects and portraits, in order to create an installation based on the response from the community.

Berlin Flowers, Yuka Oyama, 2008: Photo Thomas Brunns

About the Artists

Yuka Oyama

Yuka Oyama (Born in Tokyo, Japan. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.) studied Jewelry/Light Metals at Rhode Island School of Design and received her MA in Sculpture and Jewelry at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts in Germany. Oyama brings broad experience in participation/dialogue-based art to her knowledge and practice... Go to Artist Page

Axel Ruoff

Axel Ruoff's (Born in Munich, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany) work is grounded in his study of literature and philosophy at the Free University in Berlin and the University of Provence in Marseille. Ruoff's film and literary works examines the intersection between reality and fiction and the contradictions... Go to Artist Page

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