February 6, 20146:00pm - 8:00pm

Public Presentation: Migiwa Orimo

An inside look at Visit/Revisit

Public Presentation: Migiwa Orimo

SPACES World Artist in Residence, Migiwa Orimo, gives context to the project Visit/Revisit. Orimo is a multimedia artist whose work is focused on social practice and community involvement. In Visit/Revisit Ms. Orimo created a shared event in private homes, a portion of which is on display as a memento in the gallery.

About the Artist

Migiwa Orimo

Migiwa Orimo (Born Japan, resides in Yellow Springs OH.) is an artist whose primary work takes the form of installation. Orimo was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. After receiving her degree in literature and studying graphic design, she immigrated to the US in the early eighties. In her process... Go to Artist Page

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