May 30, 20146:00pm - 9:00pm

Opening reception

TAG: Round 1, mystery_art_shopping, The Vault

Opening reception

Join us for an evening of unscripted collaboration, random epiphanies, and social cooperation. Expect a big reveal, food and drink, and a dose of experimental artistic research in the latest public projects from Jason Eppink & Thu Tran (R&D), Christopher Auerbach-Brown (The Vault), and Pavlina Mladenova (Creative Fusion Artist-in-Residence).

Concurrently on display with TAG is

About the Artists

Christopher Auerbach-Brown

Christopher Auerbach-Brown is a composer and sound artist living and working in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife and two kids. He received his BM in Composition from Ithaca College. He went on to complete his MM in Composition at the Cleveland Institute of Music. He teaches courses in sound art... Go to Artist Page

Jason Eppink

Jason Eppink (born 1983) is an American curator, designer, and prankster. His projects emphasize participation, mischief, surprise, wonder, generosity, transgression, free culture, and anti-consumerism, and they are staged in public spaces and online as street art, urban interventions, and playful online services and hoaxes, frequently for non-consenting audiences. Go to Artist Page

Pavlina Mladenova

Pavlina Mladenova is an artistic researcher, interdisciplinary artist and independent curator based in Sofia Bulgaria. Mladenova utilizes her background in marketing to expose the complex relationship between Art and contact with art, by experimenting with a variety of media to explore means of impacting the connections between art and the... Go to Artist Page

Thu Tran

Thu Tran is a visual artist originally from Cleveland, OH, currently living and working in NYC. She is best known for her work as creator and host of IFC's "Food Party" and more recently, the MTV web series "Late Night Munchies." Installation art collaborations include working with sculptor Christopher Duffy... Go to Artist Page

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