August 28, 20146:00pm - 8:00pm

TAG: Round 2, Big Reveal #2

A Psychologist and a Psychic Walk into a Gallery...

TAG: Round 2, Big Reveal #2

Jess Hirsch and Cassie Thornton are working side-by-side in their separate "studios" built within the SPACES gallery, and switching back-and-forth over the course of four weeks to add, dissect, alter, and/or build on top of what the other artist creates. Join us for the second big reveal in TAG: Round 2 to see the progress the artists made in the previous week and gain special insight into how their artworks will evolve throughout the course of the project.

Dr. Caroline A. Schaerfl, PhD. specializes in clinical psychology and will delve deep into the the decision-making process of Hirsch and Thornton to discuss how they relate to each other through the way they address their shared artworks. Medium/clairvoyant and President of A Village--Personal and Spiritual Development Center, Marianne Goldweber, will channel the energies of the artists and artworks to predict how TAG will develop into its final form.

The artists will be in attendance to discuss their work and answer questions from the audience.

About the Artists

Jess Hirsch

Jess Hirsch is a sculptor living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Hirsch's work investigates the world of healing and natural medicine through participatory sculpture. She is the co-founder of Powderhorn Kitchen, a roving school leading workshops on alternative health and object making. She received her MFA from the University of... Go to Artist Page

Cassie Thornton

Cassie Thornton is an artist who is sometimes referred to as the Feminist Economics Department (the FED), and who works in collusion with Strike Debt in Oakland, California. Her work investigates and reveals the impact of governmental and economic systems on public affect, behavior, and unconscious, with a focus on... Go to Artist Page

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