May 17, 20152:00pm - 5:00pm

Games for Two People

Chloƫ Bass Leads the Games

Games for Two People

Games for two people leads you on an exploration of interaction between yourself and another. The artist Chloe Bass will be leading each pair via a set of instructions that are guaranteed to make your one on one interaction more meaningful and exciting. Come in casual clothing good walking shoes and ready to have interpersonal exchange with a stranger.

Fun for the whole family, but ages 8 and up will have the best time.

The event will start at SPACES and move to places you never expected.

About the Artist

Chloƫ Bass

Chloë Bass, b. 08/22/1984, lives & works in Brooklyn, NY.Chloë Bass is a multi-form conceptual artist working in performance, situation, publication, and installation. Her work addresses scales of intimacy, where patterns hold and break as group sizes expand, and daily life as a site of deep research. Her current project,... Go to Artist Page

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