July 10, 20158:00pm - 10:00pm

Bounce This!

Chris Auerbach-Brown & Bbob Drake play Hayride

Bounce This!

Prepare for an evening of kinetic, frenetic music and art! Local experimental musicians Chris Auerbach-Brown and Bbob Drake will present a jaunty concert to transform keegan & nick's pneumatic device, Hayride into a swirling, monstrous percussion instrument capable of launching all manner of projectiles. The artists will explore the sonic and visual possibilities of this unique creation, which is part of keegan & nick's Bounce project at SPACES.

Auerbach-Brown and Drake will use a variety approaches during the performance, from minimal "onkyokei" aesthetics, to aggressive walls of noise, to unpredictable rhythmic outbursts, everyday objects, electronics, saxophone, musical saw, keyboards, handmade musical instruments, and anything else lying about that can be thrown into the mix.

This is a show not to be missed!

Cleveland Scene asked the performance participants questions regarding what audience members should expect from Bounce This!.

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