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March 31, 20186:00pm - 10:00pm

Monster Drawing Rally 2018

A Live Drawing Event + Fundraiser

Monster Drawing Rally 2018

Admission: $10 (FREE for SPACES Season Pass holders and children age 17 and under).
Purchase your tickets here.

During the 8th annual Monster Drawing Rally, SPACES will turn artists' private studio practices into public performance. Over 100 of Cleveland's freshest artists will create new artworks on the spot, with materials provided by SPACES. When the drawings are completed, they will be hung on the walls for purchase at $75 each + tax.

Families can make their own drawings with provided materials and hang them on the walls of the SPACES gallery, in our Lil' Monster and Teen Wolf drawing section, located in the SPACES Mistake Lab.

$10 ticket includes admission to the Monster Drawing Rally, participation in the Li'l Monster Drawing Rally for families, non-stop dance party by DJ Marcus Brathwaite, cash bar, snacks, and a spin or two on the Blick Art Materials Prize Wheel.

Interested in volunteering? Click here.

Interested in sponsoring the 2018 Monster Drawing Rally at SPACES? Click here.

Special thanks to: Pete & Donna Anderson ? Jeffry & Cynthia Chiplis ? HEDGE Gallery ? Jon Logan & Scott Shafer ? Srinivas & Jessica Merugu ? Paula Mindes ? Ohio Savings Bank ? Karen Sandstrom & Carlo Wolff ? Wood-Lee International Art Handler

Artists Drawing 6-7
Kasumi, Isabel Axon-Sanchez, Christi Birchfield, Bridget Coyne, Dexter Davis, Amalia deGirolamo, Leslye Discont-Arian, Juli Edberg, Todd Hoak, Dina Hoeynck, Elaine Hulihen, Mimi Kato, Christine Mauersberger, Victor Melaragno, McKenzie Merriman, Marlaena Michl, Eric Neff, Kelly Pontoni, Arabella Proffer, Derrick Quarles, John Noel Reifel, Eric Rippert, Mark Simmons, Corrie Slawson, Mark Soppeland, Grace Summanen, Paul Sydorenko, Emily Szalkowski, Dawn Tekler, Carolyn Thompson, Susie Underwood, Laila Voss, Bob Walls, Meng-Hsuan Wu

Artists Drawing 7-8
Kate Atherton, Kole Robinson Brooks, Jeremy Brustein, Katherine Burdine, Kassidie Butler, Barbara Chira, David Cintron, Lane Cooper, Teresa DeMio, Erin Giddings, Erik Hauber, Allison Hennie, Tim Herron, Matt Horak, Thomas Hudson, Alyssa Lombardi, Michelangelo Lovelace,Liz Maugans, Jason Milburn, Anastasia Pantsios, Rebecca Petro, Johnny Pham, Madison Pierce, Angelica Pozo, Diane Pribojin, Karen Sandstrom, Ward Shelley, Joshua Shriver, Kate Sopko, Nick Spolarich, Deborah Steytler, Stephanie Thomas, Linda Zolten Wood

Artists Drawing 8-9
Kathy Lynn, Sergio Andujar ll, Jacque Beas, Cushmere Bell, Troy Blum, Sequoia Bostick, Kortnie Butler, Hector Castellanos Lara, Christine Meder, Sarah Curry, Dana Depew, Eilleen Dorsey, Miguel Hernandez, Ron Hill, Mark Howard, David King, Lauren King, Samie Konet, Sandra Kornick, Katy Kosman, Joe Lanzilotta, Michael Lombardy, Poppy Lyttle, Lee Norris, Scott Pickering, Brad Pierce, Krista Rickert, Kristin Rogers, Mike Sobek, Juliette Thimmig, Alicia Vasquez, James Waite, Royden Watson, Rebekah Wilhelm, Tyler Zeleny

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