May 12, 20187:00pm - 9:00pm

(p)SPACE: Every morning I wake up and wonder,

What color they will say the sky is today?

(p)SPACE: Every morning I wake up and wonder,

Movement and new media artist Megan Young collaborates with Northeast Ohio's young millennials to explore the ever shifting places, realities, identities and trajectories of their lives. Come witness, traverse, and interact with the performance pieces. Each embodies its own set of social codes and opportunities.

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About the Artist

Megan Young

Megan Young’s practice combines embodied protest, intentional rule breaking, and collective listening as a means to transcend the tautological fallacy of freedom in the United States today. Often moving between disciplines, her dissection and reassembly of algorithmic operations follows an open source/open access ethos as a means to disrupt unjust... Go to Artist Page

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