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May 23, 20187:30pm - 9:00pm

SPACES x The Capitol Theater


SPACES x The Capitol Theater

Date: May 23, 7:30 pm
Location: The Capitol Theater (1390 W 65th St, Cleveland, OH 44102)
Admission: $12.50
Tickets can be purchased via Cleveland Cinemas.

In 2017, SPACES opened the doors to its new location by showing Soda_Jerk's Astro Black as part of its Vault program. We are thrilled to invite Soda_Jerk back--through a partnership with The Capitol Theater--to debut their latest film, TERROR NULLIUS (2018), in Cleveland.

TERROR NULLIUS is a political revenge fable which offers an un-writing of Australian national mythology. The epic remix works entirely within and against the official archive, in order to achieve a queering and othering of Australian cinema. Part political satire, eco-horror and road movie, TERROR NULLIUS is a world in which minorities and animals conspire, and not-so-nice white guys finish last. Where idyllic beaches host race riots, governments poll love-rights, and the perils of hyper-masculinity are overshadowed only by the enduring horror of Australia's colonizing myth of "nobody's land". In many ways, it is a tale that parallels the colonization of the Americas and will feel familiar to local audience members.

The film has made waves in Australia, having lost promotional support from the philanthropic trust that awarded Soda_Jerk a major grant to produce the film. You can read more about the film and the controversy it has stirred here, here, and here.

The artists will be introduced by SPACES Executive Director Christina Vassallo and will participate in an audience Q&A at the end of the screening.

TERROR NULLIUS (trailer), 2018 from Soda_Jerk on Vimeo.

Formed in Sydney in 2002, Soda_Jerk is a two-person art collective who work at the intersection of documentary and speculative fiction. They are fundamentally interested in the politics of images: how they circulate, whom they benefit, and how they can be undone. Their sample-based practice takes the form of films, video installations, cut-up texts and lecture performances. Based in New York since 2012, they have exhibited in museums, galleries, cinemas and torrent sites.

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