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August 23, 20186:00pm - 8:30pm

RESCHEDULED Where Do We Go from Here, Today?

Community Conversation

RESCHEDULED Where Do We Go from Here, Today?

Let's revisit Martin Luther King Jr.'s last book on hope and social engagement in "Where Do We Go from Here, Today?", organized by the discussion group Moral Inquiries.

Dr. King's great last book addressed the backlash of white supremacy against the civil rights movement and Black Power. It also asked what self-determination is for marginalized and oppressed people, advancing a concept of "America" that hinged on the novel hybrid of the Afro-American who can resolve the "schizophrenic" conflict of United States history between slaving colonialism and egalitarian democracy. Dr. King believed that non-violence was a truly evolution of the human, re-interpreting the Renaissance idea of the new human as a human who no longer engaged in cycles of violence.

The Moral Inquiries is the community kin of Case Western University's Ethics Table, which Rakowitz listened into in 2014-2015 and from whose discussion he developed A Color Removed. The Moral Inquiries also hosted one of the letter writing events of 2017 for the project, and its members often took part in the events of 2017-2018.

The group has been reading Where Do We Go From Here during the summer and will conclude their book group with an open discussion during this event. Some copies of the book will be available (and free) for those who do not have them, and people should feel free to come even if you have not read the book.

Where have we gotten since THERE, 50 years ago? And where do we go from here, today?

For questions about this event please email Jeremy Bendik-Keymer at jdb179@case.edu.

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