Capoeira Community Roda

SPACES hosts a capoeira community roda on Saturday, Jan 18th from 1- 3PM. Join capoeiristas from throughout Northeast Ohio, including: Contra Mestre Dentista, Patrick Seelie, Prof. Aranha, Prof. Tempestade, Cleotha Mcjunkins, Instrutor Santo, Estagiario Simpatia, and others. Celebrate capoeira, community, and the New Year.

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art combining ritual, music, movement, and traditions developed by enslaved Africans, passed on through direct lineage. Capoeira is resiliency, inclusivity, humility, and life-long learning. Today, capoeira traditions serve as reminders of survival, resistance, and cultural preservation.

This is not a workshop, though all are welcome to participate to their own ability. We ask that those who participate give full attention and refrain from taking photos or videos. All others are welcome to observe. You may come and go throughout the event.

This embodied experience is paired with artist-in-residence Jessica Segall's exhibition 100 Years, All New People. Join us in considering what is carried and what is discarded by those who cross international borders.

This event is FREE and open to all.

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