May 14, 20206:30pm - 7:30pm

Meet-Up with SPACES Artists

Meet-Up with SPACES Artists   Katarina Jerinic (2020) Photo by Rustin McCann

Join SPACES for a Meet-Up discussion with spring artists-in-residence veronique d’entremont and Katarina Jerinic, moderated by Megan Young.

What were we talking about?

Introducing Katarina & veronique.

Hearing about what they made while in residence.

Learning how the piece at SPACES relates to their broader practice.

Talking about why artists do residencies.

How are artists doing lately?

Other questions?

About the Artists

veronique d’entremont

veronique d’entremont is a multi-disciplinary artist who examines the social and institutional spaces we inhabit, how they shape us and how we can ultimately transform them. Through entwined studio, pedagogical and ritual practices, veronique displays a commitment to collaboration, community organizing and to art as a medium for building empathy... Go to Artist Page

Katarina Jerinic

Katarina Jerinic responds to and intervenes in built landscapes with photographs, maps and ephemeral installations while considering past and present phenomena of particular places. Recent solo exhibitions and projects include Baxter St at Camera Club of New York (2018); Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art at University of Nevada Las Vegas... Go to Artist Page

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