September 18, 20206:00pm - 7:30pm

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Show Me Love

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Art institutions are facing renewed scrutiny on their commitments to dismantle systemic oppression in the back office, seen through a rising tide of employee and student resistance movements, open letters, and board member audits in 2020 alone. Numerous arts employers tout the “psychic benefits'' of culture and fail to offset the psychic costs of their institutions. Structured for self-preservation, institutions avoiding liability and disparagement miss their mark on loving artists, arts workers, and communities back.

In waiting for change, some create para-institutional† spaces for culture—ad-hoc, peripheral, or alternative sites for peer support, knowledge sharing, and solidarity building that overlap museums, the art market, and higher education. This conversation examines these spaces—why they are generative for artists and communities, and how they model loving, equitable futures. Meghana Karnik (Curator, TITLE TBD) moderates a conversation with:

La Tanya S. Autry, Gund Curator in Residence at moCa Cleveland and co-founder of #MuseumsAreNotNeutral.

Tizziana Baldenebro (she/her), Executive Director of SPACES and member of MOCAD Resistance.

Nora N. Khan, a writer, culture producer, and a Director of Dark Study, an experimental program centered on art.

Natalia Nakazawa, an artist, educator, Assistant Director of EFA Studio Program, and a core member of Admin, a collective that views arts administration as a tool for liberation.

†From Dark Study’s mission: “Para-institutional spaces exist besides and beyond the institution, forming alternatives while overlapping. They are peripheral and ad-hoc, part, but not part. They move beyond logics of extraction, remove barriers to accessibility, while embracing new models of knowledge transmission.”

This event co-presented by The Cleveland Institute of Art and SPACES in conjunction with TITLE TBD (—Oct 4, 2020) at Reinberger Gallery, on the survival journeys of artists and arts workers navigating precarity; and A Public Trust (—Oct 9, 2020) at SPACES, responding to the decreasing levels of trust of Americans in government, institutions, and each other.

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Image: Jeff Kasper, wrestling embrace, 2018, game deck. A card depicts a selection of lyrics from the dance-pop song Show Me Love by Robin S. (1993) on a bright purple background. Song:

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