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September 29, 20209:00pm - 10:30pm

Watch Party

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Watch Party

Join us for a non-traditional online watch party during the first 2020 Presidential Debates. This "Mystery Science Theater 3000" style event hosted by Jasmine Golphin, Diana Hildebrand, and Ephraim Nehemiah provides a bit of humor, conversation, and introspection to the evening.



The opinions of our guests are solely their own and do not represent that of SPACES. Also, feel free to visit us, share your opinions, and hear what our staff have to say. No one is shy around here.


According to CNN: "The first debate between Biden and Trump will be moderated by Fox News' Chris Wallace and is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, September 29, at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland.Wallace selected the following topics for the first debate: "The Trump and Biden Records," "The Supreme Court," "Covid-19," "The Economy," "Race and Violence in our Cities," and "The Integrity of the Election," according to the Commission on Presidential Debates each segment will last about 15 minutes, and the candidates will have two minutes to respond after the moderator opens each segment with a question. Wallace will then use the rest of the time in the segment to facilitate further discussion on the topic, according to the commission."

About the Artists

Jasmine Golphin

Jasmine A. Golphin is a filmmaker, artist and producer with an intense obsession with the craft of storytelling. Professionally, she’s spent the last 10 years managing film education and community outreach programs for nonprofit organizations such as MyCom, the Cleveland International Film Festival, and SPACES. Creatively, Jasmine's writing has been... Go to Artist Page

Diana Hildebrand

Diana Hildebrand is a mom, activist, advocate, and a bike enthusiast with the goal to "Chang Lives Two wheels at a Time". Diana is the founder of DevahD Cycling a business that encompasses everything cycling while providing education, health, wellness and support to bike organizations and companies, she is also... Go to Artist Page

Ephraim Nehemiah

Ephraim Nehemiah is a published writer, educator and nationally touring poet who uses call and response, compelling narratives and cultural expression rooted in Black performance art to create a transformative experience. The work explores adds to dialogue around navigating trauma, social injustice, and finding joy within the struggle. Ephraim is... Go to Artist Page

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